Kids Into Action was created to help combat our kids’ diminishing physical activity levels.

We wanted to introduce Plug-and-Play solutions for teachers to use.

We built all our resources, audio and video with the following structure and ideas:


  • Age appropriate music

  • Age appropriate moves

  • Proper workout structure

    • Warm up

    • Stretching

    • Moderate activity

    • Vigorous activity

    • Cool down

  • 10-minute long tracks

  • No-prep-time: Press play and follow along

  • Can be done with minimal space (even between desks of a classroom)

  • Fun for kids

  • Easy for teachers


When we started out in 2005, CDs were the current technology and there were no screens in most classrooms. Out Audio sets made it into over 6,000 schools across Canada and the USA. As technology evolved we created some videos and then moved to host our resources online.


Here, free for your use, are all of our Audio and Video files. Use them, enjoy them and feel free to provide some feedback


Stay Active and have fun